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Banksy’s Kissing Coppers printed on a premium quality t-shirt. “Kissing Coppers” is arguably one of Banksy’s most well-known pieces of graffiti art. It depicts two male policemen kissing each other in a romantic embrace.

No one fully understands what Banksy’s underlying message was in this artwork. However, many consider it to be a thought-provoking statement on prejudice, authority and society’s popular perception of masculinity. Others simply believe that Banksy wanted a unique way to illustrate that people in positions of power, including policemen, are all human beings with the same feelings, emotions and vulnerabilities as everyone else. Overall, it makes for a fantastic and thought-provoking t-shirt design.

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• Kissing Coppers Banksy t-shirt printed-to-order here in the UK
• Detailed Banksy replica artwork for an authentic look
• DTG printing for sharp detail and vivid colour
• Designer-quality cotton t-shirt for a premium fit and feel
• FREE UK delivery as standard