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Banksy’s Laugh Now Monkey printed on a premium quality t-shirt. This piece depicts a black and white monkey wearing a sandwich board which states “Laugh now, but someday we’ll be in charge”.

This artistically intriguing and highly abstract piece has many different interpretations. Some consider this social commentary relating to how people being mocked may one day hold positions of power and authority over those that enacted the mocking. Another possible angle is that people of a primitive or dim-witted nature may end up taking positions of power in an anti-political message. However, as not all of Banksy’s work contains an underlying message, many consider it to be something as simple as a humorous observation.

It certainly makes a great t-shirt design for those looking for something a little different.


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• Laugh Now Monkey Banksy t-shirt printed-to-order
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• Designer-quality cotton t-shirt for a premium fit and feel