Shooting Panda

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Shooting Panda printed on a premium quality t-shirt. This scene depicts a black and white panda holding two handguns in a provocative stance. Whilst the Shooting Panda may not actually be by Banksy, it still follows a recurring Banksy theme of mis-matching characters of peace with weapons of war.

No one is entirely sure whether this piece was done by Banksy, but the very similar graffiti style means that people often assume it to be a Banksy piece. However, as visually striking artwork with a thought-provoking meaning, we decided to include this piece within our range.

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• Shooting Panda Banksy t-shirt printed-to-order here in the UK
• Detailed Banksy replica artwork for an authentic look
• DTG printing for sharp detail and vivid colour
• Designer-quality cotton t-shirt for a premium fit and feel
• FREE UK delivery as standard