Teddy Bear Bomber

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Banksy’s Teddy Bear Bomber printed on a premium quality t-shirt. The Teddy Bear Bomber depicts a teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail as part of a riot. This is a clear contrast to other Banksy pieces such as the Flower Thrower, which depicts a rioter throwing a bouquet of flowers.

Rather than be considered contradictory, we believe these messages share a common meaning. Perhaps Banksy is showcasing how people part of a violent environment are fighting for peace, whilst people as part of a peaceful standing may often be the root cause of violence.

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• Teddy Bear Bomber Banksy t-shirt printed-to-order in the UK
• Detailed Banksy replica artwork for an authentic look
• DTG printing for sharp detail and vivid colour
• Designer-quality cotton t-shirt for a premium fit and feel
• FREE UK delivery as standard